Evolution #786

Conserver la synchronisation du réseau social avec les groupes de l'annuaire

Added by Gaston TJEBBES almost 14 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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EOLE 2.3


Lorsque l'on ajoute un utilisateur, les groupes du réseau social de posh ne sont plus synchronisés avec les groupes ldap.

Solution :
1- Proposer à la synchronisation de conserver cette synchro (rajout d'un cron);
2- L'ajout d'un pool de script de post-creation de compte dans le backend scribe permettrait de faire ça de manière automatique.

Associated revisions

Revision 85c93036 (diff)
Added by glyph about 18 years ago

Replace usage of TDB with the scrolltable

This affects everywhere but the recently-added one on the Admin page.

Author: moe

Reviewer: glyph

Re-reviewer of conflict resolution: moe again

Fixes #786

Simply replace all usage of xmantissa.tdb with xmantissa.scrolltable. This
should reduce our maintenance burden and make it so there's only one place
where cool features get added.

Don't worry though! xmantissa.tdb and xmantissa.tdbview are not removed in
this commit, nor will they be in the near future. For many applications they
provide a more familiar (access-like) look, and we realize that people are
using them to provide that. This simply reflects a design decision for Divmod
applications, in particular, Quotient.

This also adds support for embedded fragments in scrolltables (though, you
probably don't want to use these unless your scrolltable is pretty darn short!)
and an actions column similar to the one provided by the TDB.


  • This does NOT resolve the column resizing issue. glyph will attempt that
    later today, in a separate branch, with a separate ticket. It's not
    super-high priority but it probably is required to look appropriately
    professional for shipping.
  • Currently actions remove the ability to link the entire row in a
    scrolltable. Originally this was thought to be an inherent HTML limitation,
    but JP suggested a workaround: see comments on #786 for more details.


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  • Project changed from envole-ead to posh-profil
  • Status changed from Nouveau to A étudier
  • Distribution set to EOLE 2.3

#2 Updated by Arnaud FORNEROT almost 11 years ago

  • Status changed from A étudier to Accepté
  • Assigned To set to Arnaud FORNEROT
  • Target version set to Envole 3.3.4

La synchronisation des groupes sociaux se fait en même temps que la synchronisation des groupes posh via script en posh schedule

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