Evolution #513

Ajout d'une variable pour désactiver les agents locaux si besoin

Added by Bruno Boiget over 12 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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ajout d'une variables dans le dictionnaire 0_zephir.xml pour permettre de désactiver le chargement des agents locaux sur Zéphir.
Ajouté suite à des problèmes de blocage du backend sur certains serveurs Zéphir.

personnalisation -> no_local_agents (mode expert)

Related issues

Related to zephir-client - Evolution #506: Désactiver certains agents locaux sur Zéphir Fermé 04/30/2010

Associated revisions

Revision d917428a (diff)
Added by exarkun over 16 years ago

Merge reliable-message-delivery-344

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: moe
Fixes #344, #413, #513, #514, #700, #705, #738; Refs #735

  • Nit's command line is extended to accept a port number on which to run its
  • The transport layer of Athena is replaced with a message-queue based
    mechanism. This supports gap and duplicate message detection, allowing the
    server to leave the page "connected" for a short while even if a client
    abruptly closes its connection(s). This should provide greater stability in
    the face of poor network conditions and various kinds of proxy misbehavior.
  • All messages sent from the server while synchronously handling a message
    from the client are bundled up and sent in a single response, rather than
    putting each message into its own response. Likewise, messages sent from the
    client while synchronously handling a message from the server or synchronously
    handling a DOM event using <athena:handler> will also be bundled up in one
  • Only one transport resource instance is created per LivePage, instead of
    one per request.
  • The guaranteed namespace-aware getAttribute helper has been moved into the
    runtime support code.
  • Several problems with error reporting on IE in the test suite have been
  • A lingering usage of MochiKit Deferreds has been removed.
  • Escape is now captured and handled with an explicit close message.
  • If a page is unloaded because the user navigated to another page, the
    disconnect dialog is no longer displayed.
  • The client-side debug log displays slightly more nicely.
  • Radical once again avoids using active channels and constructs cacheable
    URLs for javascript modules.

Revision a94319ab (diff)
Added by Bruno Boiget over 12 years ago

ajout d'une option pour désactiver les agents locaux (fixes #513)


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