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04:51 PM Distribution EOLE Tâche #30432 (Résolu): Créer un paquet python3-nevow
Le paquet est maintenant prêt.
Cela a été compliqué car l'upstream utilise un système qui modifie le fichier de ve...
04:43 PM ead Revision 7cca7018 (python-nevow): Use static
The source package was working but not the binary one.
04:37 PM ead Revision 678351f8 (python-nevow): Unable to build with versionner
When the upstream tarball is generated, the versioneer file is
Let track the modification directly in git
04:21 PM ead Revision 8278d3f4 (python-nevow): Fix git references in debian/patch
These must be updated on each new upstream releases.
03:11 PM ead Revision 78858b30 (python-nevow): Fix patch offsets
03:02 PM ead Revision fe813d51 (python-nevow): Properly modify all required files for
02:53 PM ead Revision 624e916b (python-nevow): Source format si quilt
02:48 PM ead Revision 5ec20df9 (python-nevow): Fix version detection
01:37 PM ead Revision 38a79eb7 (python-nevow): The documentation build requires twisted
01:32 PM ead Revision fe6ea146 (python-nevow): Build-Depends entries are separated by comma

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