Configuration de git-buildpackage

Un fichier gbp.conf utile pour l'environnement de compilation personnel

# Configuration file for git-buildpackage and friends
# in personal build environment with sbuild

# Let the working tree clean

# Where I track upstream
upstream-branch = master

# Branch I use to build package
debian-branch = dist/ubuntu/lucid/master

# Build only source package, deb are handled by sbuild
# Do not sign .changes nor .dsc
builder = dpkg-buildpackage -nc -d -S -us -uc

# "fakeroot debian/rules clean" may require build-depends
# git sources => git clean -xd
cleaner = /bin/true

# Use color when on a terminal, alternatives: on/true, off/false or auto
color = auto

# Do not use tags to build upstream orig.tar.gz
upstream-tree = branch