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Changelog samba 4.9

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Modification de la commande "samba-tool drs showrepl"

Vérifier diagnose

New samba-tool options for diagnosing DRS replication issues

The 'samba-tool drs showrepl' command has two new options controlling
the output. With --summary, the command says very little when DRS
replication is working well. ...

Enlever (conditionner) 'store dos attribute=yes' car la valeur est par défaut en 4.9

smb.conf changes

As the most popular Samba install platforms (Linux and FreeBSD) both
support extended attributes by default, the parameters "map readonly",
"store dos attributes" and "ea support" have had their defaults changed
to allow better Windows fileserver compatibility in a default install.

  Parameter Name                     Description             Default
  --------------                     -----------             -------
  map readonly                       Default changed              no
  store dos attributes               Default changed             yes
  ea support                         Default changed             yes
  full_audit:success                 Default changed            none
  full_audit:failure                 Default changed            none

Nouveauté: Etudier "offline join"

Improved 'samba-tool computer' command
The 'samba-tool computer' command allow manipulation of computer
accounts including creating a new computer and resetting the password.
This allows an 'offline join' of a member server or workstation to the
Samba AD domain.

Nouveauté: Etudier "samba-tool ou"

La commande permet de créer des "ou" et d'y déplacer des groups/users

Amélioration GPO

la commande samba_gpoupdate est renommée

The 'samba_gpoupdate' command (used in applying Group Policies to the
Samba machine itself) has been renamed to "samba_gpupdate" and had the
syntax changed to better match the same tool on Windows.

Changelog samba 4.8 > réindex LDB

Les fichiers LDB seront réindexés après l'upgrade Samba. Un temps de démarrage doit être toléré.

Changelog samba 4.8 > les membres ont besoin de 'winbindd'

Domain member setups require winbindd
Setups with "security = domain" or "security = ads" require a
running 'winbindd' now. The fallback that smbd directly contacts
domain controllers is gone.

Changelog samba 4.8 ==> Etudier "apply group policies = yes"

Changelog samba 4.8 ==> Etudier "mdns name = mdns"

Changelog samba 4.8 > Etudier "--plaintext-secrets"

et ses conséquences sur les mots de passe

Changelog samba 4.8 > Etudier "VirusFilter VFS"

Changelog samba 4.8 ==> modification smb.conf

smb.conf changes
  Parameter Name                     Description             Default
  --------------                     -----------             -------
  apply group policies               New                     no
  auth methods                       Removed
  binddns dir                        New
  client schannel                    Default changed/        yes
  gpo update command                 New
  ldap ssl ads                       Deprecated
  map untrusted to domain            Removed
  oplock contention limit            Removed
  prefork children                   New                     1
  mdns name                          New                     netbios
  fruit:time machine                 New                     false
  profile acls                       Removed
  use spnego                         Removed
  server schannel                    Default changed/        yes
  unicode                            Deprecated
  winbind scan trusted domains       New                     yes
  winbind trusted domains only       Removed

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