SaltStack commands

SaltStack services

  • master:

    service salt-master restart
    service salt-master force-reload
  • minion:

    service salt-minion restart
  • salt API:

    service salt-api restart

Salt-master commands

  • listing minions keys:

    salt-key --list all
        Accepted Keys:
        Denied Keys:
        Unaccepted Keys:
        Rejected Keys:
  • accept all minions keys, y to force validation:

    salt-key -A
  • delete all minions key:

    salt-key -D
  • accept one of minions:

    salt-key -a <minionID>
  • ping all minions:

    salt '*'
  • ping one of minions:

    salt ''
  • run grains on all minions for retrieve network interface:

    salt "*" grains.get 'hwaddr_interfaces'
  • run grains on all minions for retrieve CPU model:

    salt "*" grains.get 'cpu_model'
  • run OS command on minion:

    salt "*" 'reboot'
  • listing modules:

    salt-call sys.list_modules --out=json
  • listing states:

    salt-call sys.list_state_modules
  • listing modules force output format:

    salt-call sys.list_modules --out=json
  • synchronising modules of the minions with the master:

    salt-call saltutil.sync_modules

this command is present in the /usr/share/eole/postservice/00-actions script.

  • launching a sls state (receip):

    salt 'local' state.sls schedule.manage
  • launching a sls state (receip) with the corresponding environment:

    salt 'local' state.sls schedule.manage saltenv=ead
  • debug master:

    /usr/bin/salt-master --log-file-level=quiet --log-level=debug
    tail -f /var/log/salt/master
    salt --versions-report

Salt-minion commands

  • declare 2 master on minion, edit /etc/salt/minion:

      - eolebase
  • debug minion:

    service salt-minion status
    /usr/bin/salt-minion -d -c /etc/salt -l debug
    tail -f /var/log/salt/minion
    salt-call --versions-report